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The Garden

Situated in Madeira, Esmeralda’s Herb Garden takes profit of the mild subtropical climate of the island, which allows the cultivation of hundreds of culinary and medicinal plants from around the world. 

"Before learning about herbs, discover what they already know about you."


About Esmeralda

Herbs are my allies

When I was about 30 year old, I strongly believed that herbal treatments were something that belonged to the past, and should stay in the past. Modern medicine was more advanced and could fulfill all our needs, whenever we got sick.

A few years later my mind changed entirely. I got sick and modern medicine did nothing to make me feel better. In despair, I tried herbal preparations which, not only relieved the symptoms of my condition, but also cured me.
My attention was drawn towards culinary herbs and their importance to our health, when used as seasonings.

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