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Nature and wild life has always interested me. So much, that thirty years ago, I decided to create my own garden. 

 Since 1994, this little piece of paradise has given me so much joy and fun.


In the process of building the garden I chose a diversity of plants, such as trees and shrubs, to welcome birds  and a few scented herbs to attract beneficial insects and aid as deterrent for plagues and bugs. 

I achieved my goal!

Today, hundreds of herbs grow altogether alongside other ornamental plants in a symbiosis that creates a friendly environment to birds that find here their home and contribute to the health of the garden.

My interest in the medicinal properties of herbs grew when I finally got rid of a gastritis, that had bothered me for years, by using herbs. Since then I have been cultivating culinary herbs from around the world.

The will to share my passion with others made me open the garden to visitors and regularly, my garden is visited by Chefs and groups of people interested in experiencing the many different scents and flavours of herbs.

The Plants

Many of these plants have been used in traditional medicine by local people, who testify their efficacy against common illnesses.

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